A strangely addictive puzzle game set in worlds of whimsy

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Rough sketches to polished puzzles

Puzzle cube

Adrift originated with a set of proof-of-concept game mechanics and rough artwork. The goal was simple – draw a path between two colored end points to connect them. Once all points are connected, you've solved the puzzle.

We soon discovered that players were immediately hooked on this game, even in the early stages of building. This gave us the confidence to pursue the game further and just like that, Adrift took flight.

A visual style that showcased bold color and whimsical elements allowed the player’s imagination to run free in this magical world.

Playful animations like spinning pinwheels, swirling stars and floating clouds further strengthened Adrift's lively nature. Custom background melodies were also specially designed to match each unique world.

Soon it became easy to get lost in this game for hours at a time. In fact, it’s hard to play just one level. But don’t take our word for it, give Adrift a try yourself.

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