Colorado Rapids Mobile

Giving fans the ability to interact with their favorite team at home or away

Feature 01

Team stats, news, roster and more

Fans can keep tabs on their favorite team through updates on standings, scores, news and more. It's the second best thing to being in the Rapids news room.

The home team on your favorite screen

A dynamic main screen gives quick access to all areas of the app. With a quick glance, you get a great summary of what's going on with the team.

Upcoming events with a schedule to match

A comprehensive schedule ensures a match is never missed – whether plans are made to meet at the stadium, watch at a bar, or enjoy from home.

Giving fans something to root for on game day

From a casual to a hardcore fan

Different fans have varying levels of interest in a team throughout the season. From occasional, to casual, to hardcore fans – each has their own points of engagement. We wanted to give all types of fans a way to keep tabs on their team and increase interest.

Engagement throughout the season

There's always a high level of engagement during the peak of the season, from dramatic wins, to devastating losses, but there's also gameday and offseason interactions. We thought about different ways the app could change to maintain peak levels engagement.

Sketches 01

We're all sports fans and can appreciate the loyalty that comes with being a fan. Our initial sketches explored eliminating columns of data and tabs of navigation. If we could entice a fan to dig deeper into the app using interesting summaries, that meant we could create an experience that felt more engaging.

Concepts were mapped to different fan types as we worked to balance out the complexity of the wealth of information we had access to and could display. Along the way, we gathered feedback from fans of all types — from the casual to the hardcore.

Adapting the content to the moment

Feature 02

Pre Match

When there's a match coming up, the opponent, location, time and other details are displayed making it easy for fans to make plans to watch.

Feature 03

Match Day

On the day of the match, details relevant to the upcoming match are displayed. Time to kickoff, weather and the ability to buy tickets are displayed.

Feature 04

Match In Progress

When a match is in progress, fans can quickly glance at their phone to check the match clock, up-to-the-minute scores, news, recents plays and more.

As sports fans ourselves, we wanted to get fans as close to their favorite team as possible without overwhelming them with the vast amount of information that is available.

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