Tendril Energize

Empowering consumers to understand and control energy consumption

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Monitor energy usage

Tendril's platform allows consumers to monitor their energy, CO2 consumption and fiscal inefficiency. Energize for mobile brings insights into the hands of consumers allowing them to target areas of conservation and plan a more regulated, cost-efficient energy cycle.

Control electric consumption

The ability to manipulate multiple thermostats, electrical appliances and light switches in real time is a unique feature that is built right into Energize. This allows consumers to manage energy utilization whether they are home or away.

Simplifying energy usage data

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Many energy consumers only see their consumption when they open up the bill. We designed Energize in a way that would not only educate consumers before the bill but allow them to make changes to energy usage patterns in real time.

Energize is focused on triggers associated with high energy bills. These triggers included unexpected energy consumption and electrical moderation events imposed by energy companies.

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In terms of monitoring, we found energy data to be somewhat trivial if the consumer could not translate their usage into monetary value. With a tap and a swipe, Energize will break down money spent on electrical usage over the course of a day, week or year.

It just takes a few taps to switch lights on and off and change the setting of your thermostat. Energize even allows you to assign rules to different appliances while you're away.

Putting power in consumers' hands

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Getting a high energy bill can be frustrating and make someone feel powerless. By giving the power of understanding and control to the consumer, they're able to conserve.

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