A simple gesture-driven note-taking app to capture your thoughts

Feature 01

Quick meets simple

Simple features and quick interactions make it easy to capture thoughts when you have them.

Gestures galore

A heavy use of gestures makes note-taking fun and puts the focus on your notes.

Customize and share

Choose different note colors, hide the status bar and share your notes in a variety of ways.

A new take on note-taking

Sketch 01

The inspiration for Noted came from glancing down at a stack of sticky notes and asking, “Can we make a note app that feels as effortless and approachable as this simple stack of paper?”, "Does the App Store really need another note app?" We thought so.

There was something tired about seeing a list of notes, tapping on one, having the view slide over to view that note, tapping Back to return to the list of notes, etc. We wanted to try something different.

The goal for Noted was to make it feel quick, simple and fun. Gestures and direct manipulation played an important role in making that happen.

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