Pearson OpenClass™ for iPad

Partnering with OpenClass to extend their powerful online learning environment onto mobile devices

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Adapting OpenClass from the web to mobile

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OpenClass began as a free web-based learning environment used by institutions around the world. Pearson reached out to us to help extend the collaboration between students and educators beyond the classroom through mobile devices.

We worked with the OpenClass team to gain a better understanding of OpenClass and the personas of their users. We then determined the most important capabilities to carry over to mobile first.

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Many of the interactions for OpenClass were rethought for the iPad. Touch, gestures, orientation and the ability to take the device anywhere influenced our execution. However, it was also important to maintain concepts that were consistent with the web counterparts.

Prototyping helped bridge the gap between design and development throughout the process. Early ideas became something that could be evaluated and tested by students and educators. Feedback was crucial and helped us focus on the key elements in OpenClass for the iPad.

With OpenClass available on the iPad, learning happens in more places for students and educators around the world.

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