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Rapidly capture and document property inspections for a team to use

Transforming a process of inspections

We spent time evaluating how inspections are currently performed and explored how a digital toolkit could make inspectors more efficient, increase the fidelity of gathered information and open doors for collaboration across teams.

Supporting different roles in the process

Any inspection has a number of roles that have to work together to see the process through. Whether it's someone at a desk assigning the work, an inspector capturing required information, or someone estimating damage — Spex on web or iPad keeps all parties in sync.

The experience Tack brought to Spex was invaluable. Their understanding of our business goals and user needs pushed us towards compelling solutions.

David Cockrel — Chief Product Officer, Spex

Digital inspections made for teams


Performing inspections efficiently

When performing an inspection, it's important to capture as much high-fidelity information as possible. We worked with Spex to understand the key aspects of an inspector's workflow to make their jobs quick and easy to define a structure and capture its characteristics.

The software does the work

As much as possible, we tried to let the software do the work. When inputting lots of information, there were opportunities to include auto-completion, serving up commonly used options and guiding inspector's through the process. There's more progress made with less typing.

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Rapid capture ipad

Rapidly capture important details

As an inspector moves through a property, an inspection is only as good as the supporting information they can capture. We helped develop a quick way for inspector's to capture images, video, audio, notes and more. Because it's quick, there's no excuse to not get all the important details.

Rapid capture ipad

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