Android Wear GUI Elements

Yesterday, Google announced an extension of Android to wearables. We’re always interested in working with hardware, and with the potential for wearables to play a part in our day-to-day, we were excited to hear the news.

We immediately started brainstorming different ways our clients and products could benefit from an interface that extends to your wrist. Of course, this led to exploring more of the interface elements and trying to bring them into an editable format we could play with more extensively.

Some of us at Tack still like to work in Fireworks. Yes, Fireworks. What started with recreating a few Android Wear interface elements in Fireworks turned into a more extended library. We thought others could benefit from this file as a starting point to design their next great wearable interface, so we’re sharing it.

The Fireworks file is a first pass, and we’re hoping to continually improve it as there is demand. Keep in mind that Android Wear will probably change as the platform evolves, so what’s in this file may already be out of date.

If you use this file and like what it provides, feel free to share where you got it. We’re also thinking of making a Photoshop version. If you’re interested in that, or if you have any other comments, we’re @tackmobile on Twitter.

Update: There has been expressed interest in a Photoshop version. Luckily, Fireworks supports exporting to PSD, so we’ve added a Photoshop version. The file could stand to be cleaned up a bit.

Download the Android Wear Fireworks File

Download the Android Wear Photoshop File

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