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Tack Mobile has been delivering impactful and engaging web products for companies across a multitude of industries for over a decade. We utilize our unique and broad-ranging expertise as a web development company to build a wide range of web-based solutions for our clients.

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Our web development team continues to expand its expertise in various facets of web development. Using the best practices of web development, they aim to enable your company to deliver robust and sustainable solutions your customers are looking for.

Database creation, hosting and maintenance

We use AWS Relational Database Service or AWS RDS to establish, configure, operate and scale relational databases. We will configure your database in the way that is most cost effective, as well as optimizing the performance and security of any stored data for your web development project.

Serverless backend - for services that do not require an entire independent backend

While lightweight and not as powerful as a separately existing backend, our web development team uses the combination of AWS Lambda Functions, AWS Step Functions, and API Gateway technologies to hasten the development of an MVP application.

Web-based backend technologies

For when your mobile apps need an independently existing API or backend, we primarily utilize JavaScript or Ruby-based frameworks, such as Node.js or Ruby on Rails to satisfy this requirement. Our web development team, however, is far from inexperienced with other language and framework combinations. We are proficient in C, Python + Django, and Elixir + Phoenix, to name a few.

Web-based frontend technologies

If your web development project is in need of a portal, Content Management Service, or even a version of your application for browsers, we principally use Jekyll, HTML/SCSS, and React JS technologies for building out your ideal frontend.

Other AWS Services

Our web development team is also proficient in other AWS Services, such as S3 buckets, Route 53 domain hosting, Certificate Manager (SSL), and Elastic Beanstalk (Node.js/Rails app hosting), along with the other services AWS offers.

Tack Mobile’s talent brings enthusiasm and passion to take on all types of challenges faced by a company that focuses on web development. Because of our flexible nature and ability to provide web development solutions to compliment our mobile projects, we establish long term partnerships with many of our clients.

About our Web Tech Stack

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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, also known as simply “Rails”, is a web application framework that makes it easier for our web developers to create a complete web application. Rails has been used by many web development companies for many web applications that you have probably used, including: GitHub, Shopify, Square, Airbnb, and Basecamp.

Ruby on Rails is the framework of choice for our web development team to power most of the web applications we build, or to support many of the web services we provide. Rails excels at providing our web developers with standard conventions for developing web applications. By following the conventions set by Ruby on Rails developers, our web development team doesn’t have to worry about many of the particulars involved in developing a web application or providing a web service. Things like ‘how to organize code’ or ‘where to put a particular file’ usually fall under this category. Without these impediments, our web developers can focus on the features of the web application. This approach also has the added benefit of providing our clients with code that other Ruby on Rails developers can understand and build upon.

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React JS

Our web development team aims to build truly engaging and smooth user interfaces and accomplish this using client-side Javascript. As far as specific frameworks go, our web development team uses the best and most powerful tools such as React JS. Using the combination of Javascript and React results in the best web and mobile browser experience by building a single page application that doesn’t require a slow page refresh.

One of React's many strongsuits is flexibility, which allows our web development team to integrate an application with an existing database or API. Our web development team leverages Redux to manage data flow. In addition, the component architecture helps with code reusability and maintenance.

With a simpler codebase, you can host your code anywhere, including Amazon AWS, at a very low cost. We’ll deploy your application and make sure it is built for scale and is cross-browser compatible.

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Node JS

Node.js is a lightweight, open source, cross-platform environment used by our web developers for developing server-side and networking web applications. These applications are very easily deployed and maintained during the web development process.

Node.js also provides a rich library of various JavaScript modules which simplifies the development of web applications using Node.js to a great extent. Our web development team can utilize any number of these libraries to expedite the development of your app and save you time and money.

Node is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine which enforces runtime speed. That means faster application development and easier scalability.

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AWS Services

Our web development process may incorporate one or several “micro” service software components that help expand the stack of a web application without having to rebuild the entire code. Our web development teams are very familiar with these kinds of software architecture services.

Cloud computing services based on the serverless framework free departments from server management and optimization which are done by the provider. Leaders pay only for service runtime.

Using serverless resources can dramatically reduce costs and give the developers the opportunity to focus solely on business logic, engineering, or coding instead of tending to the needs of the environment.

With each web development project, Tack Mobile aims to offer a tangible contribution to your ongoing web development project. As a web development company we provide our clients with a team that’s trustworthy, reliable and available for new web development projects.

We deliver comprehensive web development services with clear results and a clear development process. Agile software development allows our web development team to deliver quickly, collaborate often, and continually improve your product. We primarily utilize the Agile methodology that maximizes those benefits. Additionally, we use tools like JIRA to clearly track the progress of your app, and Slack to ensure communication between our company and yours is always open and easy to reach.

Whatever kind of web development your company is looking for, we have you covered at every stage of web development, including web design.

Web Development Sprint Cycle Flow Chart

Depending on your requirements for your web development project, (including budget, company size, as well as a few other factors) our web development team will adjust to your needs to ensure a smooth cooperation.

In addition to developing new web applications, we also offer solutions if your team is looking to improve, update or further develop your existing web application. Our web development team uses various strategies for refactoring and bringing legacy code applications up-to-date, including:

  • Thoroughly researching the technology utilized in the app, as well as the the currently landscape of this technology. (including changes to any languages/frameworks that your app is using)
  • Analysis of the features and updates needed.
  • Getting familiar with your product’s history and codebase.
  • Finding the optimal solution(s) for your app without negatively affecting any current functionality.

We adjust to the coding conventions of the current application, and we add new features on top of it and integrate new tools. While introducing these updates, our web development team uses a very thorough deployment process to prevent any downtime. This allows your user base to continue to use your application as normal while we build on it piece by piece.

In our Web Development team, we seek to achieve the following goals:

Customer Satisfaction

We continuously seek to receive feedback from our clients in order to better our web development services and acclimate the delivery process to the individual client. By doing this, we can insure a smoother web development cycle for our customers.

Product Delivery Process

We want you to complete development of your web application as soon as possible to receive feedback from your user base. By first reaching the MVP (most valuable product), you’ll save time and money on web development. The scope of the web services utilized for the project will be properly delineated.

Being Transparent

Together, we discuss priorities of your web development project, long term plans and adjust any web services being utilized throughout the duration of the web development cycle.

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